– How to Redeem Blue Sky Points Online

How to Redeem Blue Sky Points:

American Express Blue Sky Rewards is among the most practical and energizing Mastercard rewards programs accessible. AmEx individuals can utilize their Blue Sky Rewards to focus on anything from shopping limits and gift vouchers to show passes, lodgings, and the sky is the limit from there. Not at all like numerous other American Express cards, Blue Sky permits you to convey an equalization, giving you extraordinary spending adaptability.

With American Express Blue Sky Rewards, cardholders can utilize their focuses to counterbalance travel costs, buy gift vouchers, or even reclaim for balance credit! With particularly incredible profits for carrier and inn buys, Blue Sky Rewards is the ideal program for visit travelers. With a wide assortment of remunerations, simple to win focuses that include quick, and great recovery esteems for flights, inns, and other travel costs, the Blue Sky Rewards program is the ideal open door for explorers. Sign in to begin winning and asserting prizes today

About Blue sky reclamation:

  • You acquire Blue Sky Rewards focuses by making buys with your AmEx card. Be that as it may, there are no extra expenses to partake.

  • Focuses can be reclaimed for a few sorts of remunerations. Nonetheless, the Blue Sky program gives particularly great comes back to travel costs, for example, flights, inns, and even vehicle rentals.

  • For simple Blue Sky Rewards the board, set up an American Express online record to begin monitoring your focuses.

  • You can reclaim Blue Sky Rewards focuses for proclamation credit, gift vouchers, travel costs, and buys. In any case, you can’t reclaim them through and through money. Recovery esteems shift contingent upon what reward you reclaim them for, yet normally travel rewards yield the most returns, while explanation credits have the least dollar esteem.

How to redeem blue sky points:

To redeem the points open the website

  • Once the page appears at the center tap on, ‘Login’ button.

American Express Blue Sky Login

  • In the next screen under the login, spaces tap on, ‘Create new online account’ or ‘Confirm card received’ button. Provide the card number and card ID, tap on, ‘Confirm’ button.

  • If you don’t have the ID enter your zip code, card number click on, ‘Confirm’ button.

  • To login return to the homepage enter the user ID, password tap on, ‘Log in’ button.

  • For ‘Forgot User ID or Password?’ button. Provide the required detail such as, the card number and card ID, tap on, ‘Continue’ button.

Frequently asked questions on blue sky points:

  • What buys are qualified to procure rewards?

Qualified buys are buys for merchandise and ventures less returns and different credits. Qualified buys do exclude balance moves, expenses or premium charges, loans, individual-to-individual exchanges, acquisition of gift vouchers, buys acquisition of voyager’s checks, or reloading of prepaid cards, or acquisition of other money reciprocals.

  • Where would I be able to see my buys that certified for extra rewards?

To see the buys that certified for extra rewards, visit the Bonus Rewards Detail page in your online record at Prizes can take up to two charging cycles to post to your record.

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  • Are buys made outside the United States qualified for extra rewards?

Qualified buys made outside the United States will procure rewards. Nonetheless, some prize classes, for example, U.S. General stores, give extra rewards just to buys made in the United States. If you don’t mind visit the prize class pages on this site or audit the conditions of your Card’s prize program to find out additional.

  • Are the extra rewards classifications equivalent to the spend classes on my online articulation or Year-End Summary?

The spend classes on your online explanation and Year-End Summary are not equivalent to the classifications where you can acquire extra rewards. They may be comparative now and again however they won’t coordinate precisely. A few sorts of shippers are excluded from extra rewards classifications, and different traders might be qualified for extra rewards regardless of whether they show up in an alternate class on your online articulation or Year-End Summary.

Customer care:

If you are looking for general information call on the toll-free number, 1-800-528-4800.

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