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How to File Your Montana Unemployment Insurance Claim:

As of late jobless occupants of Montana can without much of a stretch record for joblessness protection through the state’s online UI entrance. Montana’s joblessness protection website smoothes out the application procedure by permitting inhabitants to record claims on the web

This spares protection petitioners time and guarantees they get their advantages at the earliest opportunity without hanging tight for an arrangement.

Montana currently offers an advantageous, facilitated joblessness protection application process. Inhabitants can essentially sign on to the state site and document a case whenever of day. The procedure takes only a couple of moments to finish. It’s quick, simple, and helpful, ensuring you’ll get what you need at the earliest opportunity.

About Montana Unemployment Insurance Claim:

Before you can document a case, you’ll need your name, address, government disability number, and the subtleties of all businesses from April 2014 forward

  • State and government law direct whether you’re qualified for UI benefits. Because you present an application doesn’t mean you’ll be affirmed
  • Regardless of whether you’re affirmed, benefits won’t be given right away
  • UI benefits are terminal, which implies they don’t go on uncertainly; you can just guarantee them for a predefined timeframe, or until your advantages run out – whichever term is shorter
  • Advantages are determined dependent on your past pay. Remember that your UIB won’t coordinate your previous compensation rate; it will be a level of what you made previously
  • Be totally approaching while finishing your UIB application. Off base data may prompt a postponement or even an excessive charge of advantages. Deceitful applications will bring about weighty fines. Contingent upon the extent of trickiness, it could prompt imprisonment.

How to file Montana Unemployment Insurance Claim:

To file the claim open the page, uid.dli.mt.gov

  • As the page opens at the center tap on, ‘Apply here’ button.

Montana Unemployment Insurance Claim Apply

  • In the next screen at the top right enter the log in detail to proceed.
  • To reset the password enter the email address and click on, ‘Submit’ button.
  • To recover the username, select the ID type, enter the ID, email and tap on, ‘Submit’ button.

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Montana GOV login:

To login open the page uid.dli.mt.gov

  • Once the page opens at the top right click on, ‘Login’ button.
  • On the next screen, you will get to login options.
  • For state, employees enter the login info and click on, ‘Login’ button.
  • For ePass you have to create an account and login with the required information.
  • You can also access the account with OpenID.

Frequently asked questions on Montana employment:

  • What would I be able to do when I can’t get to my case on MontanaWorks.gov, and I can’t break through to the Claims Center?

There have been an exceptional number of cases for joblessness protection recorded in simply the most recent couple of days. Hold up times might be longer than expected, and you may experience challenges getting to your case on the web. DLI is including assets as fast as conceivable to address COVID-19 related issues in a proceeding with exertion to give the most ideal client support to the individuals of Montana. Kindly don’t call the state COVID-19 phone hotline with your joblessness questions.

  • How would I know whether I rounded out my application accurately?

In the event that you got the affirmation, your case was recorded, at that point, we got your application. On the off chance that we have an inquiry concerning the data submitted on your case, a client assistance agent will reach you for extra data.

Contact help:

If you want to know more about the claims, call on, (406) 444-2840. Fax: (406) 444-1419. Send an email to, dliquestions@mt.gov. Or mail to, P.O. Box 1728 Helena, MT 59624-1728.

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