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Take the WCS Survey and Win Special Offers:

WCS spares untamed life and wild places worldwide through science, preservation activity, training, and rousing individuals to esteem nature. WCS imagines an existence where natural life flourishes in sound grounds and oceans, esteemed by social orders that grasp and advantage from the assorted variety and respectability of life on earth. WCS will keep on setting the bar for science, protection activity, and instruction that has driven our achievement in ensuring untamed life and wild places for longer than a century.

About WCS survey:

  • Guests to the New York Zoos and Aquarium have an energizing uncommon offer.

  • As an end-result of finishing a short study, clients get a unique offer – anything from a rebate to a free feast or zoo stock.

  • Toward the finish of the study, you can choose for answer thirteen extra inquiries. This reward study ensures a free Total Experience Adult Ticket!

  • Benefactors of the New York Zoos and Aquarium have a great chance to acquire restrictive limits and free park tickets! Simply complete the guest study for uncommon offers!

Rules and regulations of WCS survey:

  • You need an 18-digit approval code to get to the review. These codes are found at the base of zoo receipts.

  • Your study prize will fluctuate, and maybe a markdown against the stock, food buys, or future affirmations.

  • When you present the study, your one of a kind prize code will show up. Make certain to record this code on your receipt or another bit of paper. On the off chance that you don’t make this urgent stride, you won’t have the option to reclaim your prize.

  • When you present the overview, you’ll be given a proposal to acquire a free Total Experience Adult ticket for the Bronx Zoo. So as to guarantee your free ticket, you’ll have to finish an extra review of thirteen inquiries.

  • Your overview reward isn’t transferrable, nor is your free ticket. You don’t need to purchase anything or pay charges to recover your prize or ticket, and there isn’t a termination date on either offer.

How to take the WCS survey:

To take the survey open the page, www.wcslistens.com

  • As the page opens at the center enter the 22 number survey code, and click on, ‘Start’ button.

WCS survey

The reward of the WCS survey:

If you opt for the survey, you will get a special offer. If you win anything, you will be notified by the survey sponsors via the contact details you have provide in the survey.

Frequently asked questions on WCS:

  • May I acquire something from your library assortment?

Despite the fact that our Library assortments don’t straightforwardly course to the general population, we do advance out numerous WCS Library books and different assets through interlibrary credit. If it’s not too much trouble contact your neighborhood library to arrange your solicitation.

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  • I’ve run over something that I’d prefer to provide for the library and files. Do you acknowledge gifts?

They are constantly satisfied to become familiar with things that may improve our Library and Archives assortments.

  • How would I discover what the files holds?

The Archives is the institutional store for the records of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which started as the New York Zoological Society. Discovering help are accessible for huge numbers of our prepared assortments.

Contact number:

For more information call on, (718) 220-5100.

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