– AT&T Rewards Card Balance Check

Activate or Check Balance of Your AT&T Wireless Rebate Card:

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AT&T Wireless Rebate Submission:

  • To get the advancement card, you need to present your refund from the start.
  • Get a refund structure by means of your email or postal mail. Print it out and fill in your subtleties including the 10-digit AT&T remote number and 15-digit IMEI number.
  • Prepare a duplicate of your business receipt or request affirmation sheet with a plainly noticeable buy date, discount gadget, and cost paid.
  • Prepare the whole unique IMEI/evidence of procurement mark found on the genuine gadget box. Or then again you can present an image of your telephone’s IMEI number underneath your telephone’s battery.
  • After the submission, you will get an opportunity to see the situation with your card at
  • Kindly survey your refund structure cautiously and set sure you have fulfilled the expectations as recorded for your specific proposition. Furthermore, make sure to keep duplicates of your accommodation as your reference. Need extra assistance, resort to the FAQ or call 800-331-0500.

at&t wireless rebate

  • Alongside AT&T items and administrations you bought or the AT&T Refer-a-Friend program you took part in, you can generally get an AT&T advancement card as a discount.
  • The card can be reclaimed for stock at the AT&T Official Site or any AT&T store or utilized for covering AT&T bills. Yet, you can’t reclaim it for money or use it for cash withdrawal at ATMs, or at mechanized gas siphons.
  • AT&T Promotion Cards are neither adaptable nor refundable.
  • The card will terminate 5 months from the date situated on the card.
  • AT&T Wireless Rebate Cards can’t be reissued or reactivated once it becomes terminated.
  • If your AT&T Wireless Rebate Card is lost or taken, contact Rebate Processing Center for help right away.

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Activate or Check Balance of Your AT&T Wireless Rebate Card:

  • After submitting your rebate and receiving the rebate card via your mail, you have to activate it online for use.
  • Go to the webpage com/wirelessrebatecard to begin the activation.
  • If the page is unresponsive then use the link
  • Add the first 10 digits of your card number found on the front of your AT&T Promotion Card and click the button marked “Continue”.
  • Follow the page instructions to finish the entire process.
  • Additionally, you can also easily check the card balance in this way.

At&T Contact Support:

To get more information call on either of these toll-free numbers +1-800-288-2020, 855.288.2727.

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