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About Giant Tiger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Giant Tiger taking the feedback survey for the help of knowing about the customers’ likes and dislikes to manage their services and products as per the market conditions and customer needs. And this survey must be taken by loyal persons who will sincere about the company’s upgradation. Because they also wanted to make their future visit to the Giant Tiger store more beautiful and remarkable.

The facts for which they are working or taking the survey for is the product quality and quantity, about the store’s locations and the instore appearance and the service and overall experience of the customers and they want to know the points what customers don’t want to see and what customers are looking for. And all these facts can be taken by these types of surveys. And this survey will also help the company to manage its service as per the market demands by which they can fight back against the other companies belonging from the same industry.

During the survey, every participant must remember their last visit to the Giant Tiger store. Participants must remember about the store looks and the instore environment and the product quality and the product quantity and also about the product cost. Then participants have to rate their several services as per their satisfaction. And share the overall experience. The Giant Tiger is not looking for the goods only, they also found the negative sides of their service and products.

The Giant Tiger did not let your survey or feedback go in vain they are giving rewards to them who are taking the survey sincerely and giving loyal feedback. and there are some rules and regulations to follow and maintain before taking the survey which will make you eligible for the survey.

Giant Tiger Customer Satisfaction Survey Prize

At first, participants must know about the survey rules and regulations to be eligible for the survey and for making the proper arrangements to take the survey. when these steps are completed then they can perform the survey. after completion of the survey participants will get a Giant Tiger Coupon Code. And that coupon code will be redeemed as the main reward.

The main reward is a money-saving opportunity. Participants can save their money when they visit the Giant Tiger store next time. By using that coupon code participants can make an entry into the survey sweepstake and can win Giant Tiger Gift Card. And the value of the Gift Card is $500.

But your reward can be changed at any time or can be different from others. So, read the receipt thoroughly to know about your reward in detail.

Giant Tiger Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Regulations

  • To perform the survey, it is very essential to maintain the rules and regulations properly. You must be eligible for the survey and make the arrangements to perform the survey. you can know about your eligibility when reading the survey rules and also can know about the arrangements which are must be made to take the survey. Giant Tiger Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and regulations are as follows.
  • You have to maintain the survey age limit which 18 years. so if your age is 18 or above then you are eligible for the survey and you can take the survey.
  • This survey is available in two different languages. One is English and the other is French. So, you must have the basic knowledge of any one language to perform the survey.
  • This survey can be taken online so you just need to be connected to a strong internet connection. And to be connected with a stable network a smart electronic device like a smartphone or laptop or computer is needed.
  • This survey can be taken only once by a single receipt. Taking several surveys cannot increase the chances of winning
  • Giant Tiger employees and their immediate family members and the agents or sponsors or affiliated persons are not eligible for the surveyor cannot take the survey.
  • You reward
  • Giant Tiger Customer Satisfaction Survey reward is not transferable at any cost. And it can not be redeemed by any other else.
  • To get the coupon code a valid email id is needed. It is a very essential requirement of this survey to perform the survey and get the coupon code.

How to Perform Giant Tiger Survey

  • If you properly read the above rules and regulations then you can make an overview of the survey eligibility rules. And you can also realize that you are eligible for the survey or not? if you are eligible for the survey then make the arrangements and take the survey without wasting any time. But make the arrangements properly to take the survey without any interruption. You can follow the undermentioned steps to take the survey without any hesitance.
  • To take the survey you must visit the survey website. And the survey site can be reached by browsing this link www.survey.gianttiger.com

Giant Tiger Survey

  • Now a web page will appear and from this, you can select the survey language between English and French. So click on English or French as per your preference.
  • Now you will be redirected to a new webpage from where you can start the survey by entering some details from the receipt.
  • Now enter the transaction number, store number, till, and your date of visit. All these details are printed or located on your receipt.
  • After entering all the details, you have to click on the “Enter” button to start the survey.
  • Then you have to answer a set of questions regarding your experience of your visit.
  • The questions are about the product, staff behavior, environment and service, administration. But you must be loyal at the time of answering.
  • And then you have to rate their services and products as per your satisfaction level and overall experience.
  • Now you have to give your personal information like your name, address, contact information, and email address.
  • Take the whole survey and you will get Giant Tiger Coupon Code, and save it to redeem the coupon and get the discount on a purchase.

About Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger Stores Limited is a discount store chain. It is a Canadian company and operates more than 250 stores all over Canada. This company is working in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan under the Giant Tiger banner. This is a private company and it is belonging to the retail industry. It is established in the year 1961. This company is now based at 2480 Walkley Road Ottawa, Ontario. It is serving all over Canada with the help of 8 thousand of employees.

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