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How to Apply for Chase Slate Credit Card:

Chase Slate is one of the market’s best parity move Mastercards for an explanation: It allows you to totally dodge expenses and fund charges while escaping obligation a lot quicker than you would something else. Furthermore, it’s accessible to individuals with great credit, not at all like most another tip-top 0% Visas, which require brilliant credit for endorsement.

Simply make a point to move your equalization inside 60 days of record opening and afterward reimburse what you owe before normal rates produce results. That is when Slate begins to get expensive. With zero intrigues, free parity moves, and absolutely free credit checking, Chase Slate has extraordinary compared to other early on offers accessible.

About Chase Slate:

  • While the early on offer determines that there will be no yearly APR for as long as fifteen months, clients will be surveyed a loan cost anyplace somewhere in the range of 12.99% and 22.99% once the early on advancement lapses

  • The free parity move offer is just substantial for the initial sixty days of card participation. After that time, Chase evaluates a loan cost of 3% on each parity move

  • Potential clients needn’t bother with an encouragement to apply for the Slate card. Moreover, a greeting doesn’t ensure acknowledgment

  • While late installments won’t raise client’s financing cost, it will bring about a late installment charge

  • Pursue has genuinely tough credit prerequisites. While all elements of a candidate’s credit report are thought of, potential clients should ensure they have a sound FICO assessment and incredible installment history before applying for Chase Slate. Whenever endorsed, clients need to recollect that the financing cost kicks in the following fifteen months and deal with their card balance in like manner.

Rates and featurers:

  • Not exclusively will you appreciate 0% for 15 months enthusiasm on moved obligation, however, you can likewise keep away from a parity move charge on the off chance that you complete the exchange inside 60 days of record opening.

  • The Slate Card’s 0% for 15 months intrigue advancement likewise applies to new buys.

  • The Chase Slate Card’s 0% introduction rates eventually offer route to an ordinary APR that could be altogether higher than the market normal for another Visa offer, contingent upon your financial soundness.

  • The way that you need great or incredible credit to get endorsed for the Chase Slate Credit Card

  • The Chase Slate Visa is in no way, shape or form a prizes card.

  • Regular APR 14.99% to 23.74%

  • Max late fee is $39

  • Cash advance APR is 24.99%

  • Foreign transaction is 3%

How to apply for Chase slate credit card:

To apply open the page, www.getchaseslate.com

  • Once the page opens at the center enter the info, Twelve digit Invitation Number, Five-digit ZIP Code, Last Name, and click on, ‘Submit’ button.

chase slate credit card apply

How to pay for Chase credit card:

To pay the credit card you will get three options.

  • Online: To pay online, open the screen, www.chase.com You have to sign in to get the payment benefits.

  • Mail: To make payment by mail, send your payment to, P.O. Box 6294. Carol Stream, IL 60197-6294. For overnight mail, 201 N. Walnut Street. De1-0153. Wilmington, DE 19801.

  • Phone: To make payment by phone call on the toll-free number, 1-800-436-7958.

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Frequently asked questions on Chase Slate Credit Card:

  • What is the meaning of yearly rate (Purchase APR)?

The yearly rate (APR), showed in your cardmember understanding, is the pace of intrigue charged to your record every year for buy exchanges. It might likewise be alluded to as the Purchase APR. Your APR is significant for ascertaining the measure of intrigue charges evaluated on the exceptional buy balance for you.

  • What are intrigue charges?

Intrigue charges allude to one kind of fund charges, which gather on a record because of rotating a parity that is dependent upon a financing cost. Generally, intrigue charges is the sum evaluated for permitting you to pay a bit of the parity, instead of cover the record right away.

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