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How to Apply for Menard’s Big Card:

With their BIG card, Menards offers one of the most energizing Mastercard open doors for home improvement aficionados. The card gives a few advantages each time you make a buy at a Menards store, just as a wide assortment of selective reserve funds openings. Individuals can utilize their BIG cards on any Menards buy, regardless of whether large or little. The new Menard’s BIG card is a house improver’s fantasy.

With serious loan fees and restrictive advancements like half year intrigue free financing, 2% discount on every single buy, or four-year financing with just 4% intrigue, this is one of the most serious Visa openings accessible. With mind-boggling investment funds openings, brilliant advancements, boundless refunds, and additional money back rewards on many brands, the Menards BIG card is certainly one of the most significant credit openings accessible. Apply today to begin getting a charge out of BIG card benefits

About Menard’s BIG card:

  • Applying for a Menards BIG card doesn’t ensure endorsement

  • Clients can just pick each advancement in turn either the 2% discount, intrigue free half-year financing, or low-intrigue four-year financing.

  • When the intrigue free or low-intrigue advancement lapses, Menards will evaluate a variable loan fee of around 25% to all buys. Since intrigue includes rapidly, it’s critical to take care of your parity inside the advancement time period.

  • At the point when you apply for the BIG card, Menards will necessitate that you submit delicate data like your standardized savings number, driver permit data, and yearly pay. While the BIG card offers phenomenal advancements, know about the card terms, for example, intrigue, installment data, and charges. This will guarantee you benefit from your card without overpaying for the benefit.

Rates and features of Menard’s BIG card:

  • The most extreme late charge is $40

  • Buy Intro APR is 3.99% for 6 to four years

  • Ordinary APR is 24.99%

  • Get a $10 refund on the first $100 you spend on the card.

  • Win 2% Rebate on Menards Purchases and 1% refund on buys made at Kwik Trip, Speedway, Holiday, and Kwik Star® stores.

  • In addition, procure extra discount reserve funds on taking part marks.

  • Discounts are given four times each year, as product testaments with a $5 least, substantial just at Menards stores.

Application for Menard’s big card:

To apply open the page, www.menards.com

  • After the page opens at the top tap on, ‘Credit center’. From the drop-down choose, the ‘Menard’s credit programs’ button.

  • In the next screen at the center choose Menard’s BIG. Tap On, ‘Apply now’ button. Provide the necessary personal information, and hit on, ‘Continue’ button.

Menards Credit Card Apply

  • To manage your card, return to the previous page and tap on, ‘Learn more’ button.

  • In the next screen tap on, ‘Manage your account’ button. Under the login spaces tap on, ‘Set up my account’ in blue. Provide, Card Number, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, click on, ‘Continue’.

  • To login in go to the previous screen, provide the required login info and tap on, ‘Sign in’ button.

  • For ‘Forgot your username or password?’ button. Enter the card number, date of birth, SSN, and click on, ‘Find my account’ button.

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How to pay for Menard’s Big credit card:

There are three ways you can pay for the credit card.

  • Online: To pay online you need to open Menard’s page, www.menards.com. From here, you will get instructions to pay online.

  • Mail: To pay by mail, send your payment to, P.O. Box 4144, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4144.

  • Phone payment: Pay by phone, and call on, 1-800-871-2800. You will get instructions.

Contact info:

Get more information by calling on, 1-800-880-6318.

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